Lede-Off Sports (LOS) is a multimedia website that covers amateur sports in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Our staff is consisted of four Temple University journalism students covering various sports.

Meet the Staff

16425777_1462577507095325_457524792090277695_nEd LeFurge is a staff reporter and webmaster for Lede-Off Sports. LeFurge is in his senior year at Temple University where he will obtain his bachelor’s degree in journalism in June 2017. He is eager to start graduate studies in the fall for his master’s degree in sports business.

On campus, the Brick, N.J. native works for Temple Athletics as a communications assistant where he serves as a play-by-play broadcaster for the department and the primary media contact for the women’s soccer team. LeFurge is also involved at Temple as the general manager of WHIP Radio – Temple’s Student Radio Station.


Tracy Yatsko serves as a reporter for Lede-Off Sports. Yatsko is a senior journalism major with a sports broadcasting focus.

Outside of the classroom, she is a junior reporter for Fox 29, a sports reporter for the American Athletic Conference, and an anchor for OwlSports Update, Temple’s Emmy-award winning, student-run sports show. Some of her favorite gigs are reporting at Cameron Indoor Stadium for the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, the Barclay’s Center for the
NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Democratic National Convention, and both the American Athletic Conference football championship and the Military Bowl in Annapolis, MD.

E17A6650Conor Gray serves as a reporter for Lede-Off Sports. The 22-year-old enjoys making films and shooting photography. Gray has produced content internationally for musicians, non-profits and businesses over the past two years. The Philadelphia native focuses his stories around strong visual content and has largely covered underground sports like skateboarding and free climbing for Lede-Off Sports.


Chip Frenette After a lifetime of gathering sounds and images, Frenette wanted to bring it to life and have relevance to other people. At the age of 41 he went to school to learn how to create content that other people would enjoy. He got his money’s worth. He travels, He does cool things with cool people. He learns about them, their food, their games and their culture. He loves people and he loves sharing the ones that he meets through photos, audio and video.