Skate Map



This is a map of Philadelphia that shows skaters from out of town, either the suburbs or from another area entirely, how to get around Philadelphia as to see as many iconic skate sights as possible in a short and easily traversed day. The map starts at Paines Park as it is easily accessed from all the main entry points into Philadelphia with its proximity to 676 and 76, then takes them to 9th and poplar which is only 20 to 30 minutes from there. After that they are led to the two main skate shops within the city and are returned to center city not only because of an iconic spot but also for the proximity to the BSL. From there the map takes the skaters on the BSL out to FDR skatepark where it ends.

I chose to do a map because it was something I had never seen done as far as skateboarding in Philadelphia goes. There are already countless maps showing the rise and fall of skateboarding in Philadelphia or of Love Park but there has never been a map made to make the city easier to visit for incoming skaters. Although like most places Philly is known for a locals only mentality, with how populated and how large the suburban area is there has always been an influx of young skaters who want to see the city, not to mention that the city still remains a destination for skaters from around the country. This map is meant to be a functional piece of journalism that could potentially make someones day a little easier.


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