Alex Jones Interview


Alex Jones, a 19 year old originally from Syracuse, NY, known to his friends as Yungbuck due to his age is a skater in the Philadelphia area. Alex moved to Philadelphia from Syracuse this past year to start school at Drexel University in West Philadelphia’s University City area. In his hometown Alex rode for Better skateshop, meaning that in return for footage and wearing their branded clothing, he received boards, shoes and clothes for free from the shop.

“I didn’t have to buy a board for 4 years before I moved here, thats one of the biggest differences I’d say, having to save up for shit I need”, Said Alex on moving away from Better. He still stops by the shop when he’s home on breaks but does not have a sponsor in the city yet so he does not have a means of acquiring the same things for free that he used to.

“I’d like to get hooked up with another shop but honestly its a lot harder than it was at home,” Alex went on to say, “I’m in class all the fucking time man, and just don’t have the same amount of time to go out and get clips that I used to. And I mean there’s so many good dudes out here in the city, it was a lot easier to stand out back home”. Alex says that the work load at Drexel where he majors in advertising is one of the biggest things holding him back from skating as much as he used to.

“There’s nothing worst than waking up around 7 when its still like sunrise, and being in class or in buildings studying until 5 or 6 when its already getting dark out man,” Alex goes on to day, “it just sucks the life out of you, you can have all the plans in the world but by the time a day like that’s over you just want to go home and sleep.”

Alex says that he misses when he had all the time in the world to skate and hangout with his friends. He said that what he misses most about home was being able to go to school and leave at 3 and head straight to the skatepark with his friends for the rest of the night. This change has been hard on him and he says that he doesn’t feel the same progression in his skateboarding that he did at home.

“It’s weird man, I thought that my skating would improve and grow and it just hasn’t,’’ Said Alex, “it’s just so hard to balance school and life, and skating.” Alex knows that he has a had a hard time adjusting to the amount of responsibility he has now that he lives somewhat on his own in a dorm and has to keep track of his work and school life on his own without his parents or teachers taking an interest in him.


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